The Original Wide Leg Jeans


  • The Hypnotics are the iconic, quintessential JNCO Women's style. Dark Stone Wash. 32" bottom opening. Original indigo denim. 14 oz. 100% cotton. 3x1 left hand weave. Featuring large angular pockets,...
  • The Workman Carpenter 2700 Shorts are a JNCO classic.Vintage Wash. 14" inseam.14 oz. 100% cotton. 3x1 left hand weave.Featuring 9 Pockets and Vintage thread.Triple stitching, true to the originals.Collectible flasher...
  • We are excited to introduce The Kangaroo, a JNCO Collector classic.Dark Stone Wash. 34" bottom opening.14 oz. 100% cotton. 3x1 left hand weave.Heavy contrast thread. "Another Knock-Out Style".The Famous Kangaroo...
  • The JNCO Fat Boy is a JNCO Collector classic. Dark Stone Wash. 32" bottom opening.14 oz. 100% cotton. 3x1 left hand weave. Heavy contrast double thread. “The Mother of Em’...

Our Story

In 1985, JNCO Organically established itself as a Brand, thanks to the abundance of creative input from artists and designers who contribute to its evolution to this day.

A landscape of art influenced by diverse Urban Culture, Sports, Music and the “Unconventional” transformed the brand into a national, and then worldwide phenomenon. JNCO was never just apparel, but an Event that took individuality to new levels. Criticized as not just different, but also irreverent, we always challenged the status quo of the time.

Today’s JNCO takes on a life of its own. Authentic to the original brand, yet forward thinking, we proudly present a line that is truly and unapologetically JNCO Jeans in terms of both quality and appearance.

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