It's All in the Details

Details are of paramount important to us. Examples of the ways in which JNCO goes above and beyond include:  

Labels and Flashers

Each pant has its own unique label and “flasher” (an easily removed large graphic that comes attached to the garment’s back pocket). Labels are woven on Swiss-made broad loom machines. The process is extremely complex and time consuming, because of the density and detail in each label. This technique is unique to JNCO. Similarly, every aspect of the embroidery for each individual style is specific to that style. Embroideries are extremely dense and detail oriented, incorporating thousands of stitches of thread.

Buttons and Rivets

Our rivets are solid brass, and a variety of metals are carefully selected based upon durability, strength, and appearance to create the alloy we use for our solid buttons. Both are created larger and stronger than industry standard. 

Fabric and Sustainability

JNCO believes in being kind to the planet. When selecting mills to supply our fabrics, our focus is on a number of important factors including quality and environmental sustainability. Our suppliers have facilities around the world that operate in ways to minimize our carbon footprint. Our mills have invested heavily in new technologies to produce fabric in environmentally friendly ways by reducing fibers, utilizing green energy, and reducing water and chemical usage.

Authenticity and Security

In order to confirm the authenticity of JNCO products, our ongoing effort has led to the inclusion of a number of security measures. In particular is the implementation of a coded polymer which uses the same technology that is used on the $100 bill. Using a magnifying glass, this code can be detected within the silver thread on each content label. Additionally, we use heavier thread than industry standard and custom-made zipper pulls. These features ensure the realness of JNCO items, and they will be especially important for our valued collectors in the future.

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