Our Story

The original JNCO Jeans was never just a clothing company. JNCO’s innovation lies in the way it incorporates music, sports, culture, and individuality into clothing through incredible artwork.

The JNCO we present to you today belongs to the family that founded the company in 1985. The original owners do not believe in cutting corners. Each JNCO garment represents an artistic vision, and is treated as a one-of-a-kind piece with its own unique soul.

We believe that true potential exists in those who express their art through any means possible. Having built the largest design department of its time, JNCO employed entire graffiti crews and graphic artists to join its technical team in creating unconventional clothing that stands the test of time. In bringing back the original artists who helped build the JNCO name, and recruiting upcoming artists of the future, the artwork of today’s JNCO takes on a life of its own. Authentic to the original brand, yet forward thinking, this line is truly and unapologetically JNCO in terms of both quality and appearance.

We invite you to join us in reintroducing JNCO to the world. Our original HERITAGE. Our DNA.